Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saturn Imaging Session - March 2, 2015

The sky this early morning is again clear. Seeing condition is fair as well. I attempted again to image the beautiful ring planet once again. I can say is image is a bit better than yesterday's result but I still need to practice more in my planetary processing skills.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Solar Imaging Session - March 1, 2015

The sky around lunchtime is clear but seeing once again is fair. 2 of the 3 large eruptive prominences are gone now but the remaining hedgerow prominence is looking good. The large group of dark filaments are still visible and by using Double stacked Coronado PST-Ha/ SM40 configuration, the dark filaments and flares are more enhanced but at the expense of the dimmer image. Nevertheless, the session is ok as I use a very light mount on Celestron CG3 mount to image the Sun in Ha wavelength.

Saturn Imaging Session - March 1, 2015

My first try with Saturn using the ZWO ASI120MM webcam with Meade 8" f/10 SCT. I had to wait till around 2:00am before Saturn pops out behind the tall building! I thought I wouldn't be able to image it this morning as I was very tired already. Seeing is poor despite the clear sky :( I hope to have another crack at Saturn again tomorrow morning as I'm trying to get a feel on imaging Saturn through a monochrome webcam. Nevertheless, I'm still happy with the results. Hope to do better next session.

Solar Imaging Session - February 28, 2015

The sky this morning is mostly cloudy but just before lunchtime, I was able to get s small opening through clouds for me to image the Sun in Ha wavelength. Seeing is fair. Most interesting part of the Sun is in the NE limb whereas there are 3 large group of eruptive prominences visible as well as numerous group of large dark filaments near AR2294 Sunspot Group. As I was ending my exposure for the surface image of the dark filament region, a plane suddenly swoop into the field of view to my surprise :) LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Solar Imaging Session - February 23, 2015

The sky this morning is clear but my observing window is too short and I can only take 1 short of the Sun before I got obstructed again! :( Anyway, the Sun is very quiet in white light so I use the only opportunity I got to image in Ha. Not much prominences visible and the large prominence yesterday has also simmered down as well so I stacked my Coronado PST-Ha with a Coronado SM40 to enhance the surface feature to bring out more details on the large dark filament visible in the NE quadrant as well as several nice small flares on AR2289 and 2290 Sunspot Groups.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Solar Imaging Session - February 22, 2015

I wake up very late this morning after a tiring but enjoyable conclusion of the ALP National Astronomy Week. I observe the Sun in Ha together with my son KC at the laundry area. It's kind of bonding time for us :) The Sun seems very quiet both in white light and Ha lately. We were able to see several small sunspot groups as well as a nice eruptive prominence in the eastern limb. It was also a nice father and son observing tandem to view our Earth's nearest star.

Jupiter Imaging Session - February 21, 2015

As we were doing a public viewing session . Jupiter was a fascinating object to view through the Meade 8" f/10 SCT and I can see the Great Red Spot with the shadow of Io also visible on Jupiter's disk. But unfortunately, I don't have my planetary imaging camera with me as I was doing free public viewing with members of ALP. I just couldn't resist myself and took a single frame sissy Jupiter shot with my Canon EOS 500D DSLR with EFS18-55mm f./3.5-4.5 IS lens set at 55mm and pointed the lens directly toward the Meade 8" f/10 SCT with TV 8-24mm zoom eyepiece (afocal method) handheld ONLY!!! :) LOL Anyway, it's not a great shot but I'm surprised with the results as well :)